“Children in themselves are richness for humanity and for the Church, because they recall to us constantly the necessary condition to enter in the Kingdom of God: not to consider ourselves self-sufficient, but in need of help, of love and of forgiveness. And we are all in need of help, of love and of forgiveness. Everyone!”
Pope Francis
March 18, 2015
EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

Programs and Schedules

Food and Milk Program

At our center, we provide the morning breakfast and afternoon snack. Lunches are brought from home. St. Jerome's does however participate in the Government milk program for lunches. The fee is $60 per year. Payment can be made by check to St. Jerome School. Please notify the office if you wish to participate.

Gym Program

Our Turtles and Butterflies participate in a gym program taught by Mr. Eric in the main school. This program provides large and small muscle development. Our yearly fee for the gym program is $100. Please make checks payable to St. Jerome Child Center. 

Sample Daily Schedules

Turtles (1&2), Butterflies and Teddy Bears






Eleventh Annual Irish Celebration

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Fish Fry!

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